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Just a few Screencaps and GIFs from Starter for 10

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3rd Sep, 2010 | 03:12 am
posted by: dikoku in 101icons

54 stills and 4 gifs from "Starter for 10", a rom-com about college students obsessed with a quiz show "University Challenge" (and a blonde girl) set in 1985. Starring James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dominic Cooper, Catherine Tate and Mark Gatisse.

I didn't know Ben was this good in comedic acting! He steals every single scene he appears and he actually IS super-cute despite the haircut from hell :-p


Download by zip (8.9MB)

Credits not necessary, but if you are inclined... 101icons. Thanx :)
Many thanks to go_anna40 for sharing this film in LJ!

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